Prague Virtual office and Company seat

On this page you fill find an overview of the offered packages of a virtual office in Prague and their prices in the individual office centres. To guarantee you the maximum choice, we offer you a virtual office in three levels and in addition „myPROFI“ – a configurator of your own package of company seat services completely according to your needs – according to your ideas about the business seat price and required virtual office services.

  • Click on a coloured box with virtual office program name to see details
  • Or use configurator myPROFI and set up your own package

Top Virtual Office Programs:

Virtual office MINI-SEAT

Virtual Office PROFI-SEAT

Virtual Office PROFI-OFFICE

Advantages of having a virtual office in Prague

Having a virtual business seat in Prague has many advantages. Apart from a better image of a company with offices in the centre of Prague (better first impression of potential customers increases chances for making business) there is also less attention from the Financial Office. Even though you will not use all virtual office services, a simple virtual company seat will make your business go smoother.

In addition you can be sure that if you want to organise a meeting at your virtual office or just stop by and get prepared for other meetings in Prague city centre, a helpful reception staff will be at your disposal as well as equipped stylish premises of Profi-kancelar business centre.

Is a company business seat reliable?

Many entrepreneurs considering a virtual business seat are worried about a long-term reliability. When you have your own office, you know exactly what risks of the lease there are. When locating a business seat to an office centre, you are dependant on its provider. Profi-kancelar belongs to the oldest providers of these services in Prague and therefore guarantees a deep knowledge and continuity of service.